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Stardust Wink- Chapter 40 Summary

Cover page: “Anna∙Sou∙Hinata, the three are reunited. High school life will now sta-rt!!” The three childhood friends had arrived at school. At the gate, the girls are quickly talking about them. “It’s Sou-kun! Today, he is also very handsome-♥♥” “Speaking of Sou-kun, who is that guy beside him!? Is there also such a handsome guy going in our school!?” A girl exclaims that at is Hinata-kun, in Nishinaka, he’s a famous guy like Sou. “So, it’s true, the rumor about a new transfer student coming to our school!! Will he be going in to our class-♥♥” “But, who is that girl going to school with them? What is that?” Anna keeps on smiling even if she isn’t too happy about that. The two guys look back at her when Anna comments that this is so nostalgic. “Going to school in the morning, girls are gaga over the two of you and they will dart ‘who is that girl’ glances at me..” Pointing to Sou, Hinata says, “They are excited is because of Sou, right? It has nothing to do with me.” Posing his hand under his chin, Sou says, “Ah, is that so? Because I’m too handsome that they are enchanted over me, right?” Anna says that this déjà vu is already too much and she won’t act as the tsukkomi* this time around. [*straight man in a manzai comedy. If you re-read chapter 1, Hinata and Sou’s reactions are the same so Anna is saying that she won’t react the same like before.] Anna is frowning when Sou is telling Hinata to throw those flirty glances. Flashing a v-sign, Hinata with closed eyes, says ya. While Sou is laughing, Anna punches him at the back and shouts that it is forbidden that only the two of them are having so much fun. Sou asks why he is the only one who suffers. He tells her if she wants to mingle with them then come forward and straightforwardly mingle with them for being jealous is such an ugly sight. Anna exclaims that isn’t what she is feeling, and who does he think, is the cause of making her heart feel heavy in this new school term. Sou asks what she meant by that. Hinata tries to call for Anna but she already runs off to the school building. Narration: “I, Hinata and Sou are neighbors living in the same building. We grew up together and it has been 16 years already. But, this year, it isn’t the same. I and Hinata have started going steady. Before, every year, the three of us would always go together to see the fireworks display. This year only I and Hinata went together. Actually, it is fortunate that things develop up to this point..” At the school’s corridor, Anna is catching her breath when Nanoka happily greets her a good morning. Aya, who is with Nanoka, turns around to look at Anna. Anna looks tense for on the way home from the fireworks display, she has seen it, Aya is with Sou. Flashback: Closing his flip phone, Sou said that he thought that Hinata is calling him from home but it turns out that he’s behind him. He asked Hinata why he is calling him. Sou repeated the question since Anna and Hinata looked shock and are not answering. Hinata snapped out of it and told him that he passed the transfer school examination.. This made Sou really happy that he exclaims if that is true. While Aya is looking at him, Sou shouted that is really great, but then fundamentally, he knew that Hinata will definitely pass it. Anna is surprised that the person whom Aya had an appointment with [ahead of Nanoka], is Sou. “The two of them..” Aya glanced at Anna and smiled. She told Anna that after hearing from Anna about the fireworks display, she also wanted to go there too. Anna exclaimed is that so. Aya said that it is quite surprising that even if there are many people there, they managed to bump into each other. Pointing away, Aya said that she is going to leave. This surprised Sou. She told him that isn’t he going home together with Anna and the others, and her house is at the opposite way. Sou told her that he isn’t going home right now because he just got there. Sou said that his work has just ended, and it is after that, when he came here. “Even if I’ve missed the fireworks display but in the end, I wanted to eat some yakisoba [stir-fried noodles] before going home. Hinata, you guys are going home right?” Hinata said yes, they are going. As Sou said goodbye to them, Anna still looked surprised and saw Aya smiling. As Sou and Aya walk away, Anna thought, “I have this feeling that it seems that I have seen something that I shouldn’t have seen.” End flashback. Looking at Aya and Nanoka, Anna thinks that this is quite awkward. Nanoka says that it is quite unexpected for he thought that Anna, with Hinata and others, the three of them, will most definitely come to school together so why is she alone by herself. Nanoka frowns and says, speaking of the devil.. The two guys are already at the corridor and had met up with them. Hinata is surprised to see Anna there while Sou asks how come she suddenly ran off. They were all surprised when Nanoka greets out loud, “Good morning, Hinata-kun.” After a brief surprise, Hinata greets her back. Aya tensely tries to call Nanoka’s attention but Nanoka has already turned away and tells Aya that they should leave. While Hinata is still surprised over what just happened, Sou comments that just like before, that girl has no mercy [on him]. Looking at the two girls leaving, Anna says that it is because Nanoka hates him. Looking dark, Sou tells her not to say it so straight-forwardly. Anna tensely thinks that even if she thinks that there is a bit awkwardness and it would be better for a tsukkomi-way of asking directly at the person but the Aya that day, even if she was smiling while talking with her, she [Aya] doesn’t plan on making her [Anna] intervene. “I felt that it was that kind of mood at that time.” Later on, in section 1-5, the teacher tells the students to return to their seats. Anna is sitting beside Hinata who just woke up from his sleep. Smiling Nanoka is sitting behind Anna. Anna thinks that she wants to discuss and ask Nanoka’s opinion but then, things might only worsen. The homeroom teacher introduces to them a new transfer student who will be a member of their class, Tokura-kun. Hinata just tells them his full name and says that he’ll be under their care[/yoroshiku]. Their classmates are clapping their hands and the girls are saying that Hinata is handsome. Sou somewhat smiles and thinks that Hinata’s self-introduction is too short. The teacher tells Hinata to go sit at the last seat at the back. As Hinata goes to his seat, Nanoka whispers to Anna that this is great for she can be classmates with Hinata. Anna happily smiles over this for it seems inconceivable that Hinata is suddenly in her classroom and they are in the same class section. Looking at Hinata, Anna smiles and thinks that this is really great luck because they can see each other in class everyday. Hinata notices that Anna is looking at him. While resting his arms on the table, Hinata flashes a v-sign at her. Anna looks totally happy. [The word used there is ‘healed’ so probably he healed Anna’s worrying thoughts about Aya.] Hinata looks on and wonders if that is the Hinata they are talking about, and it is simply like a development in a manga. The homeroom teacher says that they are now starting the class meeting. “Even if the new school term has just started, but it is already cultural festival time. So, today, we need to choose two cultural festival’s committee members! I will choose one of the members. *students groaning* The cultural festival’s committee member that I choose is--.. Tokura Hinata-kun!!” Hinata looks surprised. Anna snaps out of her happy mood and also becomes surprised. The teacher explains that he wants Hinata to quickly blend in the class so he hopes that Hinata would be their class’ center point and they can all help in making an exciting cultural festival. “Everyone, help Tokura-kun, okay!” Nanoka tells Anna that the teacher is amazing, and he has that proud expression of ‘I thought of a super amazing idea’. Stealing a glance at Hinata, Anna wonders what he feels about this thing. Surely enough, Hinata looks totally aghast and looks like he really hates it. Anna thinks that is right, Hinata isn’t good at standing in front and leading everyone to do something. Holding up his arm, the homeroom teacher asks if there is anyone who wants to recommend the other committee member. “Anyone who can assist Tokura-kun-?” Looking at her hand, Anna thinks that even if she also isn’t that good at it.. “Ok—ay!!!” Raising her arm, Anna stands up and shouts, “I’ll do it!!” To Anna’s surprise, a lot of other girls are volunteering that they also want to be a committee member. The teacher exclaims that everyone is quite enthusiastic so the candidates go up front and they choose by jankenpon [rock-paper-scissors game]. Sou holds up his hand and tells the teacher that he thinks it would be better to make Koshiro-chan as the other committee member. The teacher asks Sou what is his reason for that. Sou tells him that those two are childhood friends and after just transferring to a new school, it would be better to work together, as a committee member, with someone whom one is familiar with. The teacher says is that so, then it is decided, it will be Koshiro-chan [who’ll help Hinata]. Hinata and Anna look surprised over what Sou did. Sou’s seatmate in front tells Sou that he’s so cool and Sou says not to look at him. Later on, after class, Sou and Anna stayed behind with Hinata. Sou[?] tells Hinata that he has just transferred and yet, he already quickly met up with annoying stuff. Hinata just groans. Sou happily tells Hinata that even if Yasumoto [guesswork name from 安元; the homeroom teacher] is annoying for having a bad habit of doing it up to this extent but then, it is a very good opportunity. Sou advises Hinata to just casually do his best [/gambatte] about it. Hinata sighs and says yes. Anna exclaims to Hinata that they do their best together. Hinata tells them that he was told that today is the meeting for the drawing of lots to decide if their class will do the stage performance or classroom activity. For the stage performance, it could be a short play or a singing chorus. For the classroom activity, it can be maid cafe or haunted house. “I don’t know which kind everyone would like?” With totally sparkling eyes, Sou excitedly says that he’ll definitely choose short play. Posing with an imaginary katana, Sou exclaims, “I heard that last year, there is a class that did an action play for the stage performance!! Isn’t it totally amazing?! It looks really fun, right!? Ah- I really want to do that!!” Hinata tells Anna that Sou is currently addicted to a Sengoku Musou-type of game. [Sengoku Musou is Samurai Warriors in English. It is the first title in the series of hack and slash video games created by Koei's Omega Force team based loosely around the Sengoku ("Warring States") period of Japanese history. Source: wiki.] Anna lamely says, ah-- Before Hinata and Anna go out to the meeting, Sou happily tells them that they should definitely get the stage performance. While walking at the hallway, Anna says that even if Sou said that, but in the end, it is drawing lots. “Since it is only Sou’s opinion so, it will be alright even if we don’t get the stage performance right?” Hinata agrees and says class activity should be more popular. Then, Hinata tells Anna to be responsible in drawing the lot. Anna nervously exclaims, “Me?! Isn’t that such a heavy responsibility..” At the multipurpose room, they see Aya inside. Smiling Aya asks if they volunteer together to be committee members. “Really sweet--” Laughing it off, Anna says that no, the teacher chose Hinata for him to quickly blend in the class and she volunteered. Aya says is that so. Anna thinks that she didn’t expect that Aya will also be a committee member. Hinata says that there are others who volunteered to become a committee member but Sou recommended Anna. “Sou is really so nice.” Anna is getting nervous-surprised over what Hinata said. The teacher comes in and says that the meeting is going to start. He tells them that each class’ representative will go in front to draw a lot. “Write the result on the blackboard and later, go back to your seat.” Lining up with the others with Aya behind her, Anna wonders what’s up with Hinata that he would even mention Sou’s name. “Aren’t you a person who can read the words and mood to know what someone is thinking!? Isn’t this going to make the mood more awkward-!!! *nervous* Can I ask her directly?” Anna is surprised when Aya says that it seems Hinata hates her. Anna asks, what that is all of a sudden, how he can hate her. “It’s impossible! And speaking of that, you guys just met..” Aya says that they haven’t just met because during junior high, she has seen Hinata a lot of times. Anna remembers that is right, Sou and Aya already went steady during junior high. Anna couldn’t answer. Aya thanks Anna for not telling Nanoka about the fireworks display incident. Anna says yes because she thinks that if she tells Nanoka, things will definitely become troublesome since Nanoka is extremely fond of Aya and she will be jealous. Smiling Aya says that’s right. Nervous Anna tells Aya that she still feels that if Aya herself tells Nanoka, she will.. To Anna’s surprise, Aya says, “Yes.. but talking about it with Nanoka, she will still not understand. I have already given up on it. *looking away* Actually, I really regret breaking up with Sou. I felt at that time, even if it is exhausting, I should have strived harder. *Flashback on Anna telling Nanoka and Aya that Sou wanted to keep some distance between them.* So, I’ve decided that if there is one more chance, this time around, I will absolutely not miss it. So, I absolutely won’t let any obstacles hinder me. Even if it is Nanoka. *looking at Anna* ..or anyone else.” The teacher shouts for the next one to come in front to draw a lot. Turning around, Anna apologizes and walks in front. Aya intently looks[/glares] at Anna. While drawing a lot from the box, Anna thinks, “I didn’t know that Ayane always still likes Sou up to now. I didn’t know whether I have always been hindering her.” Anna opens the paper and it is for ‘stage performance’. The teacher announces that class 1-5 gets stage performance. He tells Anna to write the result on the blackboard. Anna continues to look at the paper and starts to feel anxious. For the raw scans, along with this summary, please visit:
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