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Perform two circuits of these three times a week! Crossover Lunges - Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips. - Step diagonally forward with the right leg (in front of the left) and lower into a lunge - Return to starting position, do 15 times Platypus Walk - Start with feet wider than hip width apart with toes turned out, hands behind the head and thighs parallel to the ground - While maintaining the squat, step with the right foot forward - Return to start then do so with the left foot - Do 4 reps Sumo Lunges - Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent - Lift right leg bringing thigh parallel to the ground - Land with feet wider than starting position and lower into a squat - Raise right leg, bring knee to chest, and kick out to the side - Return to start, do 15 reps
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@Nisfit made me laugh out loud. Whatever, I'd do the Platypus Walk everywhere. I'm going to the mall later, so...
Thanks @BigACeli! I added the video to this card :)
sumo squats did wonders for me, just sayin
I will try them all to get a younger looking butt!