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Things to take note or do if you are pregnant: 1) Let your colleagues and boss know that you are expecting - Arrangements could be made if they are informed and would not feel that you are trying to avoid work 2) Avoid rush hour or peak periods to and from work - Seek advice if it is possible for you to start work late and end work later - Or if flexible working hours/even working from home could be arranged 3) Enjoy only well-being snacks - You will find yourself easily hungry when you are pregnant - Such as fruits and avoid food high in calories 4) Get enough rest and sleep - You will find yourself getting tired more easily or drowsy especially after lunch. It is hence recommended that you take a short walk or short nap of 15 mins. - When you are little one is 7 months old, it is possible that you may find it difficult to catch a wink at night and will have trouble shifting when you sleep too. - It is necessary for mothers especially to have enough sleep as we produce hormones during which will help in the growth of the baby and without sleep you will even be more lethargic the next day at work. - To prevent going to the toilet frequently at night, drink alittle water slightly before sleep. - You may also try to sleep on the side with one leg curled up towards the chest and the other stretched out while you place your hand on your head. 5) Do not feel inferior about your body shape after giving birth - choose the right kind of clothes! - You may want to consider adding A-line jackets, flower printed, stripped and patterned clothes to your closet to hide your tummy and look slimmer! 6) Communicate with your husband - Talk about your problems with your husband and it is important to maintain healthy relationship with your husband at this time as you will need his support the most during this period. - Remember that it is necessary to be considerate and be understanding to each other