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Lol so you're Baffled?
Nollie that ho!
I got it in my mystery box, and I am in love. I love the versatility it has. I put 1/4" risers on it so I could keep my trucks loose
I actually did all that for the Tomahawk and was talked into a different board... but everyone is different so you should get what's best for you... then shred it to death!
Each board company has at least one all around deck most have a kick or double kick and multiple wheel base options... Arbiter DK Arbiter KT Bustin BGDK Omen Bar Fight Gravity Miura 36 To name a few, look em up and check reviews on YouTube, go to Daddies board shop and look at their reviews they star the boards based on what they can do/what you want em to do. And board shops and the company websites use chat windows or email to answer questions they've both helped me in the past. Hope that helps.
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