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Big Bang - Blue I love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG. The melody, the words, it always puts me in a good mood. EXO - Lucky Amazing song, always hits me right in the feelz. BTS feat. THANH - Danger I like this version because it's different from what they usually do. The instruments and everything I super good. Thanh did a good job. TVXQ - Catch Me I can't help but to sing along with this song its just so freakin catchy! :) BTS - Hip Hop Phile/Lover I just love this song because I feel like it's sooo personal to them. Like they're telling us why they love hip hop. Yea this song gives me feels. especially Suga's part :) Taeyang - Body I always just gotta get up and dance to this song. Super Junior - Mamacita Super dancy song. I feel happy whenever I hear it. G-Dragon - Who you? How can anyone not love this song! I sing and dance to this all the time. ***ADDITION *** SS501 - Love ya I don't know why this isn't the first sing in the list. But this song gives me CRAZY FEELS! I always have to put the volume way up when listening to it. This song is beyond perfect :) "Why don't you get it?" Well, hope you guys like this playlist :) @MattK95 @jiggzy19
I really enjoyed this thanks for sharing :)
@jiggzy19 thank you for listening :) @christy agreed :D
Catch Me and the BTS songs give me feels! I haven't heard some of these! Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed this list! :)
I almost put Mamacita in mine too! It's so fun!
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