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Out of the 12 original members, 8 EXO members have public Instagram accounts and the number of followers they have baffle me. Combined (granted, many of these are repeat followers, but!) they have 21 million followers! Here's the ranking in terms of popularity: Chanyeol - 3.1 million Sehun - 2.9 million Luhan - 2.8 million Baekhyun 2.7 million Tao - 2.7 million Kris - 2.4 million Lay - 2 million Xiumin - 1.9 million Can you imagine having 3 million followers!? That is how many people live in CHICAGO. Every single living person in Chicago follows Chanyeol on Instagram...insane. Here are their Instas: Chanyeol - http://instagram.com/real__pcy Sehun - http://instagram.com/oohsehun Luhan - http://instagram.com/7_luhan_m Baekhyun - http://instagram.com/baekhyunee_exo Tao - http://instagram.com/hztttao Kris - http://instagram.com/galaxy_fanfan Lay - http://instagram.com/zyxzjs Xiumin - http://instagram.com/exoxm90
I've got like 8 followers XD
Back when I used to have Instagram I thought I was so cool when I had 70 followers...
That's really cool!
i never knew about that!!! does any body know his insta account??
insaneeee 😲😲😲😍😍
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