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"Even small acts of compassion bring meaning and purpose to our lives." - Dalai Lama Everyday we are presented with opportunities to show compassion, and you should not let those chances slip past! Whether you are holding the door for someone with their hands full, giving up your bus seat for someone, or just giving your coworker a sincere compliment, making someone else's day brighter simultaneously brightens your own. The Dalai Lama isn't expecting us to make a huge change in our busy lives to help people in need (but wouldn't that be nice if we all did!) He simply wants us to open our eyes and do what we can to make the world a kinder place. Have patience and understanding when approaching and person or situation and use your positive energy to show them that you care. Starting from today, let's all start looking out for chances to show people your good heart! Here are a few Simple Ways to Practice Kindness - Good luck and have a wonderful day!
Simple acts of kindness really make a difference in my day. Giving or receiving!
Clipping this to read it over and over! I love that list of ways to practice kindness :)
What is good for others is good for ourselves as well. Great reminder @Sjeanyoon!
Happy Tuesday everyone! Let's make someone's day :)
It would be great if we all saw this each morning before heading out to face others.