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Don't know what to do with a second day hair? Try this braided crown hairstyle to tame those pesky strands. Instructions: 1. Starting with a middle part, section the left side just behind your ear to begin the braid. 2. Braid toward the back-center of your head, then fasten with pins below the crown. 3. Repeat braid on other side of your part. 4. Next, pull the second braid under the fastened braid so they meet in the middle. 5. Fasten with pins until both sides feel secure. 6. Create volume on top by carefully loosening the hair with a comb. 7. Hide any stray ends and finish the look with hairspray! 8. Time to rock it!
Love that it takes less than 5 minutes to create this look.
This would be an awesome lazy Friday hairstyle.
@alise Love your idea.