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I saw that @TheReelLife posted a video the other day of some cool fishing games. Looked into finding some more fishing games and this is what I found. You actually have to REALLY get into this game! It looks like you're reeling in a real fish, not just a virtual one. Who wants to play?
This looks like the game for me, ha! But to be honest I'd rather be out there fishing myself. I guess if you don't hvae the chance though this is a good substitue. Does it count as exercise?
@redridergirl Likewise!! Good fun but not as good as the real thing :)
Wow! I think it is a good form of exercise and practice fishing! Reminds me of what other types of practice computerized games? Golf at the green screen, batting cages, hunting by computer, etc.! I agree that I would rather be catching my elusive Blue Marlin! Great clip though!
Looks like he woulda lost that fish if this was really happening?