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Anyone been to or is from Texas? I'll be in San Antonio, and am wondering if it's worth bringing my board considering the crappy weather as of late? I gotta check it in, so it's gonna cost me like $50 to get it there and back.
I lived in Austin for 5 years. San Antonio is sweet to board around, especially on the river walk (board or not, you better go and the alamo area. But holy crap, HOLY CRAP, Austin is too good to be true. Best city on the planet. If there were a city on the planet cursed with "too much chill" its Austin. Hit up zilker park, the trails along the lake trails (technically its a river) and go to all the awesome food places while you board the streets to get sweet food and awesome live music. Small business and live musical capital of the world! Also the best city ever. Board or not, give Austin the time it deserves. (Summer is 5183629 times better than the winter in Austin, so go in the summer for real fun). Both great cities. Replace the segway with your board, and hit up both.
I always bring my boards on trips lol even if I come across jank
Texas has some nice places to board at SA, but the weather is calling for sleet this weekend, so... I live in Weatherford, just west of Ft Worth/Dallas.
You guys got me wanting to go to Texas!
Downtown is fun to skate in both cities, but the mild winters attract sketchy homeless ppl so don't skate at night alone! And you HAVE to go to house park in Austin. It's one of the nicest skateparks ever and even if you don't skate that way, a lot of pro skaters and bmxers live around there and it's a treat to see live! It's downtown by all the amazing places to eat, and 6th street is always a blast. For old ladys like you anyways ;)
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