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Nothing is colder Than feelings we can't feel Nothing more beautiful Than love we can't see Nothing is lighter Than burdens we can't bear Nothing more heartened Than pain we can't forget. And though we prevail; Are we yet prevalent? Nothing is sweeter Than victory we can't taste Nothing more sure Than truth we can't believe Nothing is louder Than reasoning we can't hear Nothing more reachable Than destiny we can't envision. And though we prosper; Are we yet prosperous? Nothing is smaller Than mountains we can't climb Nothing more accepting Than wrongs we can't forgive Nothing is weaker Than fears we can't conquer Nothing more sad Than dreams we can't imagine. And though we are alive; Are we yet living?
REFLECTIONS BY THE AUTHOR: Author Notes CHAOS THEORY ~ D James Breaux The unpredictable nature of our world commands us to expect the unexpected. Chaos is the science of disorder and surprise, a nonlinear phenomena, moving at the speed of Life. Don't let life pass you by. Don't let the stress, chaos and postmodern mayhem of the world's madness rob you of its happy and simple pleasures. Claim your joy. Cease now and live it loud. Just because you're alive; doesn't mean you're living. And okay maybe every day isn't filled with #Awesomeness, but there's stiil #Awesomeness to be found in every day. So reach farther and go find it. Starting today. Here's basic rule #1 ~ when adversity hangs you out to dry > be an overcomer ~ because we all have within us the ability to be the Jack Sparrow of our own story. What's yours?
"Seize the time....Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again." ~ Captain Jean-Luc Picard Federation Starship USS Enterprise
On a personal level this is moving and meaningful to me at my phase in life right now. thank-you
Thank you for this! Tomorrow I will take another step towards being the Johnny Depp (he he) of my own story. Beautiful poem, and your author's note really inspired me, too. may like the CHAOS THEORY | Remix adds some more emotion to the words.
Rock on @KaitlynnJanae, rock on sister =D
Rock the world sister. #YouArePower