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The queen of beauty and lifestyle never seem to have a bad hair day. From bobs to lob, Lauren Conrad pulls them off with glam and sass. Let's take a stroll down memory lane to see the timeline of her hairstyles. 2005 - MTV reality star in straight sleek hair and pulled bangs. 2006 - Did Conrad inspired Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf's signature headband style? 2007 - Conrad dims her blonde hair and sports a shorter layer cut. 2008 - Conrad back in her long hair and blonde tresses rocking the loose waves that became her signature look. 2010 - She's way ahead of the game for the ombré trend and look at that bouncy curl! 2011 - For a short stint, Conrad was seen in a full-fledge brunette style 2011 - Again, years ahead of everyone we see Conrad experimenting with what we presently call Sombré. 2012 - Hot pink hair phase? Yes, it was short lived and she rocked it. 2013 - Who can wear cascading curls better than Conrad? 2014 - Guess who recently ditched her long locks for this cropped cut? This is Conrad's latest adventure with the bob.
@RoeH You're right. They kind of do.
She kinda looks like Kate Middleton as a brunette.
Whoa I love the bob!
I'm a big fan of Lauren Conrad went she first came out. She's a definition of fashion-forward. :)
She looks and sounds like a tress queen to me. Also, I never heard of the term sombre? What's the difference between ombre and sombre?