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Rayhan Qadar, a stockbroker at Hargreaves Lansdown financial firm, sent out a tweet to his 1306 followers stating "Think I just hit a cyclist. But Im late for work so had to drive off lol". After Twitter users were outraged over how nonchalantly Qadar admitted to hitting a cyclist and leaving the scene of a crash, police were alerted to the tweet. Qadar claims that the tweet was a "bad joke" and said he has never hit a cyclist. Police are currently searching for any victims or witnesses to see if a crime has been committed. Qadar's employer Hargreaves Lansdown seemed to care little if the statement was true or not. The firm stated that Qadar failed to conduct himself to the standards they expect from their employees and he was terminated effective immediately. Some may say that this is a harsh reaction given that it may just be a joke. I believe the repercussions are right on point. Qadar's statement shows a lack of respect for other road users, a lack of respect for city laws, and a lack of responsibility for his actions. The very fact that this is a 'joke' makes this apparent. You wouldn't joke about running someone over on the sidewalk in the manner and expect your employer to be okay with their employe's acting this way, employees represent the company on a personal level and that is not a respectable image for a company. Too many cyclists have died on the side of the road because a motorist didn't feel they needed to stop. Just because you can leave the scene of an accident doesn't mean you should!
I wonder how this would be handled over here in the US. Good to see our neighbors across the pond take cycling safety seriously
@Spudsy2061 I only saw the outraged articles, and yes I agree with you guys it is pretty harsh. That being said I'd rather it be a harsh punishment than nothing at all.
I saw this one Twitter! Proper pillock him but glad he got punished. Bit harsh yes, but the boomerang effect will not be stopped.
Harsh, but understandable punishment