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The guys from Specialized Bicycles are back again with another wind tunnel experiment. We have see them do other experiments, including leg hair and beard hair. This time the wind tunnel tests are focused on shaved arms. In this test they use one rider with decently hairy arms. The rider is positioned on a Specialized Venge in the drops. They test both unshaved and shaved arms and compare the data over a 40km distance. Over 40km you will saved about 19 seconds in time with shaved arms! This result seems to fall right in the middle of the other two hair related experiments. Shaved legs saved 70 seconds over 40km, and no beard shaved (heh) less than a second of time over a 40km distance. So shaved arms aren't as great of a gain as shaving your legs, but will definitely do more than shaving your beard. Now they only thing to decide is: are you willing to put in the time and effort to actually shave your legs? Coming from experience in shaving my legs, I'm really not sure.
Wonder what leg and arm warmers do for aerodynamics. I want that test next :)
I think that if you have an aero helmet and you have a full head of hair, that's going to mess with aerodynamics.. there should be a test to see if a head full of hair makes a difference vs. being bald..
Glad I wasn't the only one! I'm not such a hairy fellow so no problems here. I'm not going to shave anytime soon
@troygreen84 that's what I thought at first too. Glad I didn't have to shave my beard :p
I would have thought beards were the biggest culprit and arm/leg hair to do about the same resistance. This proves my theories wrong!