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My Paris trucks bearing seats are offset. Its far from the edge (picture 1+2) on one side, but right next to the edge (picture 3+4) on the other side. Does the direction you put the hanger on make any difference? If not, which way is it supposed to go?
the trucks have rake depper side goes roadside for positive rake
this is a raked bushing seat, doesn't really change the degree of the baseplate but more of imitating +/-3° not all truck companies have raked hangers
The side that looks smoother and more curvy is roadside.
Most trucks sit from 40-55 degrees from what I've seen and I've been told and have experienced that lower degree turning radius have more stability but les turn
Rad. So im assuming its the 44vs50 stuff. I never really got the rundown on what the angles really affect with turn, sliding, dropthrough, and turning radius. @AaronHall
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