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The Next Web has predicted 10 web design for this new year. It's a pretty decent list, though I would add a few. Do you predict any trends for this year? 1. Longer scrolling sites With the increase of mobile users, longer scrolling sites will be more popular. Longer scrolling one-page websites make it easier for mobile users to experience because scrolling is popular on mobile devices. Example: 2. Story telling and interaction More than ever, content marketing will be more important for any website. Having high quality content on your website that tells a story and interacts with users will make your website stand out. Check out the Seattle Space Needle website to see some great story-telling in action. Example: 3. Absence of large header background images Large headers with backgrounds have been in previous years, but it looks like ditching the background image will be the next big thing. I can see this happening, seeing how important typography on webpages has been these days. Example: 4. Removing non-essential design elements in favor of simplicity Some websites have been so design-heavy and included photography, that when you go back to basics, the website stands out. Simple and clean websites might be on the rise this year, omitting the huge headers all together. Example: 5. Fix width centered site layout Responsive design has been all the rage recently. However, it looks like a fixed width centered layout may be returning (while still being responsive, of course). What do you think about this trend? Example: 6. Professional high quality custom photography No more stock photography. Photography is getting more accessible nowadays, so it is easier to get stock photography for website. I personally like this new trend. Great photography can really improve the quality of the website while keeping the design minimal. I love Grain & Mortar's website - I am adding it to my favorites. Example: 7. Flyout/slideout app-like menus It looks like mobile web design is coming to the desktop screen. Mobile slide out menus have been popular with responsive design. They're clean and simple. Most users now understand what the menu item means, so it wouldn't be completely foreign to them to see it on their desktop. I'm curious to see if this trend actually happens. Example: 8. Hidden main menus Some websites are already completely hiding their menus. Like I mentioned in #7, it looks like mobile web design is coming to the desktop. Example: 9. Very large typography I'm pretty sure this trend will continue this year, it's so popular already on so many websites. Example: (notice they also have a hidden menu 10. Performance and speed I'm more than sure that performance and speed will be a huge concern for web designers and developers. Everything is getting faster as technology advances, you want to make sure users stay on your site. I would add flat design to this list. With Google's Material Design release, I have seem more 2d and flat designs becoming more popular. Do you have any trends to add to the list?
@TechAtHeart Will do! I hope to try and use it soon :)
I love these web design trends. Whenever I do any type of graphic design or work on any type of branding, I love really clean space with organized but interesting enough typography. It's pretty chic and it gets the company's point across much faster.
You added the point I was going to add! Material Design definitely seems like it's going to lead design in a lot of apps, though not all of them are using it successfully (my brother recently complained to me about a reddit feeding app of his that has used the flat design and side menus in a way that is so against intuition!). I really see long scrolls being even more popular, and I'm excited to see the growth of storytelling interfaces. Have you heard of Microsoft's Sway? I haven't got to use it myself (though I did get my invite!) but it's basically an interface for creating interactive narratives/photo stories!!
@hikaymm I just logged on right and was able to use it...I guess I didn't have to wait for that invite. Looks easy to use and seems to be some more features coming in. @danidee that's awesome! typography looks best on a clean space, I feel
@hikaymm, yes I agree, if used incorrectly these trends can look bad. I have! I haven't had the chance to get an invite. If you get a chance to use it, I'd love to hear your opinion on it. Storytelling is so powerful, I'm exciting to see how different forms of media evolve!