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There are no words to properly express how happy this news made me. As I've made clear in plenty of cards, I absolutely adore Shakira. She's probably my favorite female celebrity of all time. While I'm not the biggest fan of Iggy as a person, there is no denying how addictive her rhymes are. With Shakira's 11th album (and second baby) on the way, the world should be ready for some great collaboration, including the Mana single that should be dropping any day now!
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This will be so much better than that horrible J.Lo single!
Whatever this ends up being, if it's catchy, I'll probably like it!
acually iggy is better then shakera so keep this in your head
@EvelynMoreno lol no one said anything about anyone being better/worse than Shakira...
false!! it was confirmed there's no Shaki /Iggy duet