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I don't usually share funny videos, but I just couldn't resist with this one. My sister is a huge k-pop fan and shared this video of fans in Guatemala dancing to Orange Caramel's "Catallena". I was impressed to find out that this community even existed in Guatemala. I never imagined a Korean restaurant either! The video gets better when an older lady comes in and joins them. She stole the show! I hope I have that much confidence and life in me when I am older! It's inspiring and funny all at once. It's even funnier because some of my family members love 80s rock (rock en español) and her moves are very similar to the ones I see my family use. Hope k-pop fans can enjoy this one!
LMAO! I don't know whether to watch their choreo or the older woman
Hahaha who is that lady? lol so funny...
Oh my god this is too much! Those girls did an awesome job even with the distractions hahah
This is hilarious!! She really got into it and he almost got the dance down in the last few seconds, omg thanks for sharing this ahahhaha
@honeysoo Yes, she definitely is having fun and getting really into it @aabxo haha, same here