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Mountain biking and road cycling shoes usually have a specific style about them. They look like flashy athletic shoes most of the time. That is all well and good when you are full kit on a training ride, but while commuting these shoes can stick out like a sore thumb. Giro made a shoe that is said to be "instaclassic" and I totally agree. Giro's new Republic LX shoes have an amazing look about them, a blast from the past but unique among the crowd in today's cycling shoe industry. Full leather tops, with a nice brown rubber on the bottom, shoes are going to look good with a casual commuting outfit. They have a slim profile, a neutral shape, all of which make it a classy unisex shoe. These shoes are SPD compatible, meaning you can wear them off the bike without having to switch shoes. I for one can't stand walking around like I'm in reverse heels. I personally would wear these not only for commuting and city riding, but also on a road ride as well.
where do u by these i want some
I dig these.
I just realized these are spd, wow that's a game changer. I'd walk around in these even if I didn't cycle
@Bikesnob They are not for everyone, these are certainly geared toward a certan type of consumer
Looks great but not really my style. I just use flat pedals for commuting.
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