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Have you heard someone mention "Big Brother" these days? George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 has never really gone out of style since he wrote it in 1949. It's not surprising that we've been hearing more references lately to this story of mass surveillance when issues like government agency surveillance and digital privacy are not future fiction, but very real, current questions. The D.C. Public Library is thus fittingly hosting an event series called "Orwellian America? Government Transparency and Personal Privacy in the Digital Age" that will include feature events, lectures, and screenings in venues across the city. Most importantly for those of us who don't live in D.C., one of the events is a live-streamed marathon reading of THE ENTIRE NOVEL over the course of 11 hours. Wow! According to the site linked here, "special guest readers and members of the public will be on had to read aloud the entire text of the book." It will be live-streamed on YouTube. Apparently anyone is allowed to join in - to sign up for readings you can go here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wyL8yn8ZwgEDKr6-9lItycmo7kK5o3dlFdVYas9KLXo/viewform I couldn't find anything on whether you have to be local to fill a reading slot. It would be great if people could do it remotely! You can listen in (or join in) on January 21, from 10am to roughly 9pm. I'm definitely going to tune in for at least some of it!
This is pretty awesome--whether or not you're a fan of the book, the idea of a live reading on this scale is absolutely crazy.
Excellent book! Highly recommended! And if you like it try Animal Farm! Also excellent book.