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One of my biggest fears as a parent is that my child will slip out of my grasp or slip away in a second when we're in a crowd somewhere. Of course the first thing we do to prevent this is to make sure we keep a tight grasp on his hand, constantly make visual contact and tell him repeatedly that he needs to stay next to us and not go off by himself. But despite our best efforts as parents, occasionally the unexpected happens and our little ones get out of sight. So what do we do in the event that it happens? First off, we have been teaching him to memorize his full name, address, our full names and soon our phone number. Kids have pretty amazing memories, and emphasizing this often can help it stick. One thing that would make me feel WAY better, though - is this amazing idea someone had to make temporary tattoos for kids that have the parents' phone number on them. I had thought several times of doing this with a sharpie or with a hanging tag or something, but this is actually perfect! I found several different companies that make them - but most of them sell generic temporary tattoos together with a special pen that you use to write your specific info on them. This kind of defeats the purpose for me, since I would be nervous that the ink would somehow come off. Tottoos, however, makes custom temporary tattoos that already have your info on them - all you have to do is apply them! Of course, you also have to teach your child to show the info in the event they get lost - and to show it to a police officer or employee, preferably. Right now this is looking like a great option for when we go to festivals, conventions, theme parks or other such things. What do you do to make sure your child doesn't get lost?