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What Are Your Dating Dealbreakers? Chime In!

I love the videos by SoulPancake on YouTube. They're always so insightful into aspects of Love & Relationships that are notoriously hard to figure out. This video is a little different - since it's a "person on the street" format instead of a research study, like the last one I posted (http://www.vingle.net/posts/648021). They asked a few people what their "Dating Dealbreakers" were. I have to agree with personal hygiene, lying, and that weird "meow" situation. You'll see. There were also quite a few phone-related responses. I think that would definitely be a deal-breaker for me if I were on a date with someone new: if they were constantly looking at their phone and ignoring the conversation, only half-listening, or just not making eye contact. How annoying! What are your dating dealbreakers?
@Heartofgold35 You just described 90% of my sister's boyfriends from when she was in her 20s, hahahaha. I think my biggest dealbreaker is someone who doesn't just let the other people around them live their lives the way they want to, especially in terms of religion and self-expression. If someone's athiest, let them be athiest, but at the same time, if someone's Buddhist or Muslim or Christian, etc, don't make them feel like they're wrong in believing what they believe in. Let people choose to live the life they want to live. I feel like people are constantly putting each other down. Whoever I end up with will have to be pretty open-minded! ;)
This ones a tough one for me...I think I have things I'm not into but I always make the exception for those things!
"If they were constantly looking at their phone and ignoring the conversation, only half-listening, or just not making eye contact." This is definitely a turn off. I can't stand having a significant other like that. All those signals just means he's not into you.
No car, no job, no drive.
@danidee I agree - I think it's okay if someone doesn't feel that they can be with someone who doesn't share their belief system - but if they know that of themselves, instead of trying to force someone else to go against their beliefs, they should make it a priority to find someone who already shares theirs. Otherwise, if entering into a relationship one should be ready to respect the other person's thoughts and beliefs.
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