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Who has viewed your profile- Ever thought of this question when using Facebook? While there are social networking sites, like LinkedIn, which allows you to know who has viewed your profile, Facebook has not included this feature. Install the Facebook tracker app to get to know who has viewed your profile. Apart from this, Facebook tracker app can also be used to track how your child/employees are using the Facebook and how they are using. You can simply install the app, and get started to spy on your child or employee’s Facebook usage. How it Works? Most offices don’t allow Facebook surfing during office hours. So, employees are supposed to stay away from using social networking sites. It is said that use of social media activity during office hours can lead to underutilization of resources and lowered productivity. Well, managers cannot stay everywhere and see to it whether people are using their time productively or not. They will not be able to keep a track on their employees social media usage, specifically during the office hours. Why? Simply because most people try to use such sites on their phone thus lowering the overall productivity! A way to find out where your employees are using up their productive hours, and how much time do they spend on social media is the Facebook tracker app. With this app, you can easily figure out if your employees’ are actually spending a lot of time on Facebook, and if yes during which hours are they found on Facebook most times. This tracker app is not just useful to the employers but also to parents. Parents of youngsters, who have reached their teens, need to know what their kids do on the social networking sites. For this purpose, Facebook tracker app is a great tool. You can easily install it in your child’s phone and set alerts to your phone whenever the phone is tracked for Facebook usage. With the tracker app, you can see who your child’s friends are, and who they interact with most. You will also know if they are chatting with someone unknown, and would get alerts when someone unknown to your child is being stalked on such social networking sites. Oh, you can even track the changes made in your friend’s list using this app. For example, your good friend has changed their relationship status, you would get an alert on your phone thanks to this app. Similarly, you will be able to get such alerts whenever you need it, by just making some setting related changes Set the Preferences You can choose the settings you want to make with this app to your child’s phone. You will need to select the alerts that you want to get using the Facebook tracker app. Before giving the phone to your child, you can easily set the preferences. What all do you want to track using this tracker app? Do you want to track friends on your child’s Facebook profile or do you want to track the chat messages and birthday details? You will need to enable all the alerts on this tracker app, and set them. You will need to make similar settings on your employees’ phone using this tracker app, to make sure you get all the necessary alerts with this phone. It is easy to install this app, and get started. Remember to install a good Facebook tracker app, one that will help you get all the alerts to your phone. You can track your employees’ as well as children’s Facebook details and networking efforts effectively using this app.
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