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We've all had it hard and no one can lie First breath of life started off with a cry Then entered into reality in which one must strive Strive for the best to remain "alive" After all their is no elevator to success Stairs must be taken so you'll come across stress Step after step we slowly move To better ourselves in order to improve Improve our imperfections with time O how steep this mountain is to climb But little did they no our legs only build stronger and firm To with stand this obstacle and no longer squirm Yes this life is a wonderful gift Such a blessing yet still we drift O how hard it is to block distractions But gain knowledge off our reactions So do not regret making mistakes it's part of learning Life's all a test and their is no turning!
I feel like this should be in classrooms to encourace people to not give up $
this has such a great meaning to it! The rhyming fits well here too! I liked how you wrote "O" instead of "Oh" it reminds me of old 18-19th century poems I've read