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5 free things to do in Bandung
Whether you are traveling on a budget, adopting a frugal lifestyle or simply like free stuff, here are some free entertainment options to enjoy in Bandung. Museums and historical places Usually run by the government or state-owned companies, several museums in Bandung are free to enter or perhaps only charge a minor and very affordable entrance fee. Included among these free museums are the legendary Museum Konferensi Asia-Afrika, where the historical Asia-Africa conferences took place, along with the Museum Pos, a postal museum that is located in the same complex as Bandung's popular landmark Gedung Sate. You could also consider visiting a well-preserved home of the heroine Ibu Inggit Garnasih, former wife of Indonesia's first president, Sukarno, who was known for her supportive role, especially during imprisonment. Bandung's legendary hotels are also great historical sites to visit, most of which were built during the colonial era, such as Prama Grand Hotel Preanger. The hotel's preserved memorabilia can be marvel at in its Museum Preanger, which showcases and tells stories of famous former guests such as actor Charlie Chaplin and American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, important events that took places in the hotel during the war and some vintage furniture used to adorn the hotel. The Museum Preanger is free but you must contact the hotel to arrange a visit before arriving if you are not a paying guest. Art galleries Famed as a city full of creative and talented artists, who have gained international reputations, a visit to some of Bandung's art galleries will cost you nothing but transportation, or perhaps some refreshments from their cozy cafes. These art galleries typically offer free exhibitions although some might charge an entrance fee for certain exhibitions. Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (SSAS), Nu Art Park, Lawangwangi Creative Space and Roemah Seni Sarasvati are among the most celebrated art hubs in Bandung. At SSAS, for example, they have regular programs, discussions or art movies on Saturday afternoon, which are also free to enjoy. Culinary nights Ever since Braga Culinary Night was launched on the famous Jl. Braga, culinary nights have emerged in many parts of the city such as Cibadak Culinary Night and Dago Culinary Night. The aim of these regular culinary events is to give Bandung residents festive activities in public spaces and to lessen the use of private cars while encouraging car free night events in these areas. Of course you have to pay for the food and beverages from the stalls, but these culinary events are usually enlivened with live music performances or dances, which are free to enjoy. The culinary nights are held on a regular basis, every first Saturday of the month or so. Do follow their Twitter feeds for a more up-to-date schedule. Public parks Park hopping in Bandung is not only fun but also completely free. Nowadays the city has new thematic parks, which offer different activities and experiences. Taman Film, located below Pasopati Highway on Taman Sari area, is said to offer regular free movies, which air from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Taman Tongkeng on Jl. Tongkeng offers a fun playground for the little ones and the newly renovated Taman Alun-Alun Bandung at the complex of Bandung's Masjid Raya (grand mosque) has a large and nicely designed open field covered with synthetic grass and accompanied by a children's playground, park and bus stop, which has been claimed as the longest in the country. Park hopping is not only free but most of these parks also provide free Wi-Fi, which might be just the thing most travelers today are fond of finding after the trip itself. Local radio live broadcasts Local radios in Bandung often hold live broadcast shows in shopping malls or public spaces. One of Bandung's famous youth radio stations, Oz Radio Bandung, for example, has a special spot on Jl. Dago where it hosts live DJ performances on Saturday nights or holds Pub On The Air from public spots where musicians and broadcasters do live shows. Similar to Oz, Rase FM Bandung, a radio station targeting a more mature crowd of listeners, holds a program called Rase Cinta Indonesia Tampil regularly at Citilink Mall's foodcourt or atrium where musicians performed live for live audiences. The show is broadcasted live as well. According to one of its announcers, Candra Ginting, the live broadcast show takes place every Wednesday night after office hours.
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I looove art galleries, and I love Indonesian art, so I know what I need to stop off at when I visit!
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