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So...have you ever stumbled into that area of fanplaylists on youtube that you just can't stop watching? When suddenly Harry and Draco are being cast in a love story and things begin to get a little different than Rowling wrote them... Well, that happened today, but I I somehow got to a channel full of wonderful, appropriate mostly Rowling-world-accurate fan videos that take popular songs and mash them up to the scenes that fit from the Harry Potter movies. Thanks to my friend for the tip :) These videos are seriously great: they explore the emotions of Harry Potter in a way we haven't got to before, by associating songs we've heard with the feelings and scenes we've seen our favorite characters go through. Watch them all, and let me know which is your favorite. (My vote is for the Malfoy one!) 1. Dobby | 'Chandelier' 2. Draco Malfoy | don't get too close, it's dark inside 3. Harry Potter | The Joy of flying 4. Voldemort | jar of hearts 5. Neville/Luna | fireworks
@hikaymm oh my gosh that video is perfection!!!!
I....what did I just watch?! That Voldemort one I'm seriously dying of laughter....who do you think you are....running around leaving (lightning bolt shaped) scars?
@TechAtHeart I just watched it again and I actually feel sort of bad for him!!! hahahha
I guess I should @Voldemort (please don't have a Vingle...)