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Byron Essert Shreds Parks and Hills
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Muirskate's Byron Essert takes a trip to San Diego for some park shredding and hill bombing. I feel like it's a lost art of skating to be an all-around skater, riding skateboards and longboards, bowls, hills, flatground, all of it. Byron Essert has some skill in a bowl. I used to skate a bunch, but I'd just be doing little stuff in little minipipes. I know I wasn't busting airs on some vert section of a bowl. The awesome thing is Byron just hops on a longboard and starts shredding the hills across the street from the park, and I can't name that many skaters that do this anymore. I just thought it was pretty cool. Does anyone else skateboard and longboard?
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Also, Byron is rocking a Powell Peralta prototype as well as These wheels prototypes on the dh segment!
F yeah! I have a comet shred 38 and I hit the park in it! It makes all the ramps feel small and the weight of the board keeps you grinding for days! I may never go back to little street wheels