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Maru: Touch Eun-Gi again one more time, if you really want to see how far Kang Maru can go. Jae-Hee: Let's convene the board and reveal everything about Seo Eun-Gi. Maru: It's all my fault you're suffering. If your memories of me are causing you so much pain, stop punishing yourself and stab me. Jae-Hee: Let's go after Kang Maru. I want him. I want all of him. Maru: It's only when you can stand on your feet that I can disappear from your sight.
you can contact me and MTSG..we have a whole lot of mureders planned!!
oh yes maybe the scriptwriters will go crazy and whos know maybe they will make ma ru die if this happen i will kill them all jae hee and the scriptwriters hahaha
but if maru makes presumptions and disappear..or scriptwriters go crazy and make eungi push him away.... i'll shoot everybody down!! *loads AK47* :D
yep cause she love him before she lost her memory and left everything behind her to be with ma ru and still she loves him when she lost her memory and she will love him whatever what
yes... by the look of it i dont think eungi will hate maru.. he's trying his best!!
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