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2014 was a year of serious girl power (think Taylor Swift's 1989 or Nicki's Anaconda) and it looks like 2015 will be an even stronger one. Six ladies stand out to me for 2015 and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us ~ Ariana Grande - After problem came out, Ariana sealed the deal as the new hit maker in pop music. Whether she's the next Mariah or not, she's got big plans in 2015 including a world tour and HOPEFULLY a new album. She's staying out of trouble, generally being adorable, and killing it in a high pony tail. Azealia Banks - Headling Coachella is just the beginning of Banks' 2015 domination plan. She's planning a new album, heading towards 400k instagram followers, and will probably be collaborating with a ton of people you've never heard of. Her new album Fantasea II: The Second Wave is going to be followed up by Banks' third album (which she's already announced!) called Business and Pleasure. Lorde - That track from the Mockingjay soundtrack was wicked and proof that Lorde has more in her than one Grammy winning album. There are rumors (big rumors) of a 2015 album release, but now its looking more like 2016. Either way, I'm sure she has some amazing covers and live performances for us this year! Nicki Minaj - While she's embarking on the Pinkprint world tour, Nicki isn't planning to slow down. Her newest video with Drake, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne is the definition of fierce. No matter what she's doing or where she is you know she'll be doing it will the attitude that made her famous. Shakira - Shakira Shakira! She's back in the game with her 11th - yeah, you heard me - ELEVENTH studio album. She'll be working with more amazing artists and hopefully adding a tour to her to do list because I need to see Shakira once before I die. Jessie J - Okay if Bang Bang didn't literally blow your mind, you need to get your hearing checked. I alway like her singles cause they're catchy as hell but she is now taking her vocals to a new level and BELTING it out. If she doesn't get some more attention this year there is going to be trouble! And you know Beyonce is probably going to do something ridiculous again too. Also, where is Lady Gaga other than singing with Tony Bennet?
@Caricakes yeah I can't get it out of my mind πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ it's rumoured that she'll collaborate with them again on her album. along with Iggy azalea and Alejandro Sanz and Dizzle Roskar..
I'm so excited for Shakira's New Album. I heard that it will be her best so far
Nicki's new video is seriously insane. I would not cross her. Ever.
@ArianaVenti @caricakes.. ✌ yeah I agreed. #Pitbull is one of the producers of Shakira's New Album... he said that it will be her BEST album... and it would be described with one word "MAJOR" ^^
@AnzarRizan @caricakes I'm really excited for the Iggy collab! I hope its better than the J.Lo/Iggy song...that was so bad! I like what Rihanna did with Can't Remember to Forget You so I think Shakira will do a good job of keeping her style and just incorporating Iggy in :)
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