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Prompt: Use all of these objects in your story: shovel, mitten, pine tree Feel free to share your story or poem or piece in the comments, or as their own card. Share the link here if you make your own so that we may all enjoy your work! Let's get writing!
haiku is something I've never been good at and here you are just throwing it out like it was the first thing that came to mind! :) @hikaymm
Under a pine tree, where the abandoned shovel lies, is a mitten. (sorry, I don't have much else in me right now lol, I tried to just follow haiku structure to give me something to write for this!)
@OmerTurco Ha! I didn't consider that; sorry Omer. Well, I hope then it can become an exercise in imagination for you. Unfortunately, as I dig out of the snow, I can't help but have winter on the mind. I'll take a look at your piece shortly. @KaitlynnJanae Good luck in the snow! Ours isn't nearly as deep!
@KaitlynnJanae i am here just for one year and getting used to here. but i know what is a real summer haha. but yes i can write the winter in parallel universe from the other side of the world :)
write about YOUR winter :) tell us what winter is like for you down there. up here in Montana it just snowed 18-24 inches over night. and a lot of us can't make it in to our own drive ways lol
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