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Conrad Lewis had a stroke of modern photographic genius with his project Exposed. This idea, a really simple idea, traverses the landscape of time, photo history, sleuthing nosiness, and simply curiosity. Conrad started a collection undeveloped rolls of film that he came across in places like thrift stores and flea markets. There is something so cool about this, each roll he developed literally exposed a moment in time and memory that was lost to it's owner, a forgotten experience, a discovery of sorts. So Conrad compiled these images he collected in a book and exhibit named Exposed. Here is a little excerpt from Conrad's writing: "The photographs in this book are produced from undeveloped films, which have been found in used cameras. The images have been lost and locked away in a camera film waiting to be developed. Each image is in its own way an unanswerable mystery, a moment captured in a fraction of a second and stored onto film. Every image is a small window into someones’ personal life and provokes many questions, ‘Who are these people, are they still alive?’ Why were these films never developed?’ ‘How did they end up being sold in a charity shop?’ All questions which I will never know the answer to. The most fascinating thing about these photographs is that no-one has seen the end result until now."
At first I was about to say that this is kind of like the photography equivalent of found object art, but I feel like there's so much more deliberate effort going into this project. I feel like the underlying message and the questions we need to ask ourselves when viewing these pictures is where that departure is.
This is a pretty cool project, but the fact these are found in a used camera sounds creepy to me. I was scrolling through the exposed images and I can't help but feel the chills!
Ive always thought about creating a project like this! The thought that these rolls of film would be lost forever if not for the photographer developing them is awesome to me. Even on an individual basis, the images spark so much curiosity with me. I want to know who these people are, where these places are, and why they were photographed!
@danidee I completely agree. I hesitated to state outright that it's a found art project. I see something more in it, or at least want to see something more