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What we have here is a power metal release that does not deal with the fantastic and the medieval. Instead, we have a concept album about a man who wishes to find out the ultimate meaning of life. It consumes him, and his search is fruitless in the end. He attempts to commit suicide, and in his near-death experience, the meaning of life is revealed to him. Obviously, he cannot comprehend the truth, and he begins a steady decline towards insanity. He eventually is put in a mental asylum, and he is forced to live the rest of his life as a shadow of his former self. Thankfully, although this band uses keyboards, it is not their primary sound. Guitars and drums are at the forefront of the mix, and are quite fast and technical. The band came up with some very engaging riffs for each of the songs. They also take their time to develop each song, and give each track its own personality while still maintaining the unity needed for a concept album. Sonically, they do remind me of a speedier Dream Theater (I'm talking about the overall driving pace behind the songs), but that's not to say they don't have their own identity. Their overall structure fits into the progressive metal genre, but that's essentially where comparisons end with regards to sound. The keyboards play a different roll in the song (usually taking a backseat, and then coming forward when needed) and the drumming is unrelenting (lots of heavy double bassing, sometimes close to blast beats). The guitar work is probably my favorite part of the disc. It's got the perfect mix of melodic riffs and straight-rhythm/heavy riffing. Essentially, this is a power metal band with an edge. It's not all fluff, in fact, some of the times its downright heavy. It's got a good mix of the dark and light sides of metal music, which helps to enhance the story musically for the listener. The vocalist is probably what may turn a lot of people off. Michele Luppi has a clear, soaring vocal style. I find it is the perfect compliment to this type of music. Once again, it gives a nice "light" contrast to the heaviness of some of the tracks. I don't see the problems some metal-heads have with this vocal style. Michele is very good at what he does, and a heavier, grittier voice would sound out of place. I don't see the vocals as "gay" or "pussy." This music isn't atonal or aesthetically dark, so the vocals shouldn't be like that either. Overall, this is a strong and energetic release from a rising Italian band. I know I'll be checking out future releases from these guys. This is an impressive early effort, and hopefully it is evidence for the things to come from this band.