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We say to our friends, every year again and again. But we forgot, who gave us them, how they became so wonderful, why we loved them, why we shared all our secrets, happiness, sadness, love. How they learned all of these Never forget birthdays of their mothers. Most respectful people of our lives. They gave us our sisters, brothers, lovers. Don't forget to call them To say Thank you.
A simple exploration of what we so often forget to say. Perhaps next birthday, I'll send this poem along with some treats for my mom's birthday :)
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@hikaymm never forget mothers of your friends.
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@OmerTurco It's funny, because I have my mom. And I have my other "moms" who also raised me, and raised my best friends, and mean just as much to me for all they have contributed to my life...
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@hikaymm you are one of the luckiest ones. Jealous of you :)
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