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"We all love K-Pop fashion, but are there styles that one could actually find and wear in public? There sure are! Try out some of these great fashion choices, sported by your favourite idols! Are you looking for new and exciting ways to improve your wardrobe? Are you dying for a fresh look that’ll turn head wherever you go? Your search ends here! Check out these 8 fresh looks that would look great on you too. Here are 8 Wearable K-Pop Fashion Styles!" Some of these are pretty awesome. I love a lot of the looks I see in MV 's , but can never seem to put them together myself haha. I love the look from T-ara 's number 9 and I know @MattK95 will join me in appreciating the look from Sistar 's Alone. *If anyone knows any great places (stores, boutiques, or websites) to find these looks please comment below!!*
@nenegrint14 perfect ;) ALSO I love Winner's style ALWAYS ahhhh
Well I know you can buy some pretty cool stuff from, not really sure about anywhere else though, and yes @nenegrint14 I did appreciate it :)
@kpopandkimchi oh yes!! agreed!
is this what you were talking about @kpopandkimchi? or something else?