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Lay actually self composed this song when he was only 15, he wrote it and sang it when he was just a junior in High school. Amazing wowww the song and the lyrics are great but its actually sounds funny , I really don't know why , I had a lot fun listening to it. He is definitely talented , love his energy. @jiggzy19 you have to hear this one actually its cute sweet and lovely. And please comment what you think about it. Enjoy I do not own this video credit to its actual owner
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now I have to sit in my room make a new bias list and think about life
@ChelaSimoneau @PassTheSuga lol u guys r so funny :-D lay is such a sweetheart i really love him for his obedient and caring nature and thanks for liking the song Enjoy :-)
haha you read that? @ChelaSimoneau Not only is Lay completely adorable...he's a total sweetheart....has an obedient and caring nature....aaaand DAT dimple doe (๑ॢ‧̫˂ॢ๑ ).*˚‧♡ lol and thank you for sharing at @sherrysahar
@PassTheSuga yaaassss Dat dimple is perf
Whoa how sweet! I really love Yixing :3