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From milkshakes to standard cafe lattes, some beverages are quite obviously not suitable for vegans and certain vegetarians. But did you know that some of the most common beers sold at American restaurants and bars aren't vegan as well? No, there's no steak floating around in it, and there certainly isn't any egg, but some of the ingredients used in popular beers are actually animal-derived or inhumanely use animals in the brewing process. With some beers, it's simple to spot. For example, with Blue Moon's popular seasonal Summer Honey Wheat and Crispin brand's Honey Crisp Cider, there's obviously honey in it. Also, a majority of milk stouts use dairy milk, so be wary of the ingredients listed in the names of these beers. Guinness is perhaps the most consumed non-vegan beer. The company uses a fish byproduct called isinglass (a gelatin made from the air-bladders of freshwater fish) in their filtration process. Newcastle Brown Ale, a popular beer offered through Heineken, also uses the isinglass fish byproduct. Some popular craft brews use animal byproduct in their beers as well. If you are curious as to whether the craft beer you drink is vegan, you can use Barnivore, an online and continuously updated directory of craft beers with an indication of vegan or not vegan and a helpful list of ingredients. Although, if you are drinking a local brewery, it might just be easier to simply ask the bartenders there. People who work in the tasting rooms tend to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their beer offerings, so they would be more than willing to help! I've added a link to Barnivore for all of you who might still be curious if your beers are or aren't vegan!