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To The One my Soul loves: I am up at dawn, watching the night kiss the day as she says her goodbye. And, I wonder, my beloved, could there ever be two more perfect lovers? Tell me if you know: who can be ever together and ever apart? And as I sit upon the sands of the beach, watching the waves reach for her, I am enthralled by the beauty of the thing I am watching. Though the moonlight pulls him away, she is ever unmoving, always waiting for his return, and with a fury he does, placing upon her outstretched hands, along with a frothy kiss, treasures he holds deep within his being. And they too are ever together and ever apart. My beloved, is this the way of love? Could it be true that lovers must stand alone in their togetherness? Can I let you fly with your own wings and still be a part of your destiny? Oh, my love, it must be true! And if ever I knew the way back to that place on this blanket of time where all possibilities exist, that place where our paths had converged and our souls almost merged, I’d take with me this knowledge of love. I’d tell myself to guard my beloved, even from the desperate, obsessive love that can arise within my own heart. I’d tell myself to guard the Rose in my soul’s garden but not to hold her too tightly, lest I crush her in the might of my adulation, and in so doing, cause her thorns to pierce my heart. Oh, but I do not know the way back, my love, and neither would I compel you to return to a place your heart has left. I must hope for the future and take to heart this lesson I have learnt sitting under the stars at dawn. I will remember that there is no passage to the light of our new days other than that which takes us through the darkness of our nights. Eternally Yours, The Soul who loves to love you. To Lexi, my dear friend: I often wonder, my soul’s companion: how long have you known my Eternal Self? Were you with me on the shores of Africa, comforting me as they raped my mother? Taking from her tender breast children too young to know themselves? Or were we in that life sitting at the table of gluttony, laughing together as we shared our bounty, sailing for the shores of the west? Surely through the ages we must have been both oppressor and oppressed, sometimes laughing sometimes crying, sometimes selfish sometimes kind. Who Knows, except our souls if we were always together? But yesterday in your absence I noticed a loneliness in my soul that made me ponder, and weigh against each other, the values of solitude and friendship. Solitude, I found, is the soul’s resting place, but it is in a friend’s love that the soul finds sustenance in its otherwise lonely perambulations through the courtyard of eternity. It is in your love that my broken heart finds a shelter, a key that frees me from the trammels of a dark past, and a candle that illumines my unclear paths. My friend, your love is the hands of God feeding my hungry soul and satisfying its thirst with waters from the streams of life; your love is life giving onto life. And I take it that you would forgive my effusiveness, for what is the joys of the soul if it has not a friend like you to share it with? Eternal Blessings, Your Eternal Friend
Thank you, @hikaymm. I think everyone has some sort of jealous aspect to his/her personality, but it is how we learn to control it that matters.
This is beautiful. So, so happy to see you here again @EdwardIreland . I particularly related to the first half; It resonated with some past experiences of my own, as I possess a jealous heart.
@sanityscout, thank you; that is actually my favorite line as well. @KaitlynnJanae, thanks. These are the first complete pieces I've done since recovering from my head injury. Thank you for encouraging me to share my pieces. I feel happy doing what I love again 😊
so beautiful. your choice of words are perfect here. the lay out is perfect. I have no critiques or confusions when reading this.
Thank you for sharing this new version! It was so interesting to see the process you went through to write this - the before and after. This is my favorite line: "Solitude, I found, is the soul’s resting place, but it is in a friend’s love that the soul finds sustenance in its otherwise lonely perambulations through the courtyard of eternity."
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