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1) Because of you (Lay ft. Luhan) Such a cute sweet song <3 <3 love and miss them both 2)Kris & Lay - Rainbow (彩虹) lyrics video (Pinyin+EngSub) I am actually in love with this song lovely beautiful song but so sad. 3)Just Once - [EXO] Baekhyun & Chen (cover) such a sweet cover love them 4)Chen & D.O. [EXO] - The Last Time I love this cover sweet romantic love them both Enjoy all love and miss EXO I do not own credit to its actually owners.
I love just once cover too
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This is my obligatory "CHEN!!!!" comment. ;) I love the main vocals of EXO. They're all so talented.
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These are great! I love that they are all so talented, that they aren't just pretty faces that can dance around :)
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