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Few of my top favorites and most popular Kpop songs in my List. These songs definitely gives me the crazy feels because I can listen to these hits over and over again and I get the feeling of dancing and the feeling I can't explain, these videos are superb for sure. 1) Big Bang (Fantastic Baby) 2)2NE1(I am the Best) 3)Girls Generation( I got a boy) 4)Super Junior (Mr.Simple) 5)TVXQ (Mirotic) 6)Miss A (Good and Bad) 7)Exo (Growl) 8)Trouble Maker (Trouble Maker) 9)Tara (We were in love) 10) 2pm (Hands up) actually I would like to add 3 more songs. Jay Park (Joah) Super Junior No other and Super Junior Sexy free and Single @MattK95 thankyou so much for the tag , I hope you all will like my list Enjoys . :) I do not own these videos credit to its actual owners.
I love every single song! XD
@jiggzy19 @sherrysahar I feel like this playlist theme could go on forever lol
Thankyou Everyone yes Kpop music is definitely the best at most times :) <3 Enjoys
I'm playing Hands Up super loud right now, hahaha. I was kicking myself after I posted my card because I forgot to add "Genie" by SNSD. I love Girls Generation songs too!
This is great, every song is really awesome :)
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