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My favorite Japanese novelist, not a fan of doing things the normal way, just announced that he will be launching an online advice column. According to his spokesman, he will "receive questions of any kind," in any language, within reason, of course. Murakami has always been shy of publicity, only giving a few interviews and the even rarer speech, so this is the perfect way for him to interact with his fans. He's open to answering questions about his work, his music, and of course, his life. The column will appear on a new website called Mr. Murakami's Place which will be open soon!
It will be open in 15th(Japan Time)! Confirmed by Shincho-sha, his publisher.
I want to get all the advice, too!
I am ridiculously excited about this!
I wish more celebrities/artists would do something like this!
He seems to have such an interesting take on the world, I'd love to hear his advice even if I don't necessarily have questions for him myself :)