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Did anyone else get a chance to look at the line-up for the Coachella Music & Arts Festival this year? When I was younger (I like making myself sound like an old person), I used to try to make it out to Coachella every single year, and I was able to see some really amazing artists live, including Paul McCartney, Prince, Blur, and The Cure. While I don't really go to music festivals much anymore, I still really get excited to see the line-ups! What do you guys think? I probably won't be able to go this year, but I think the fact artists like Belle & Sebastian, Interpol, and even Raekwon and Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan performing is enough to be vicariously stoked.
I was trying to pick just one day I wanted to go but its impossible haha
@onesmile Saturday is always the besssst day. And then Sunday at night as everything is wrapping up. I've seen Yelle before back in 2009 - she's so adorable! But I would loove to see Lykke Li too.
Lights, Yelle and Lykke Li are all artists I've wanted to see before, but I haven't got to yet! Hopefully someday. The line up on days 1 and 2 are my favorites, I think
@onesmile @caricakes That's what I usually do! ;)
@caricakes Thus the only answer is to go all three.....right?