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This angler (Italian Dino Ferrari) reeled in an absolutely huge wels catfish. Now, these catfish are known for being huge, and this ones no exception. It's 8ft, 260lbs. Huge it may be, but it's not a record winning fish! As of catching in June 2014, the record stood at 297lbs, 9 oz. Who wants to try to catch a bigger one? Check out the video in the second slide to see his technique on another, previous (in 2013) big catch by the same angler.
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His mouth is big enough to swallow anything! He may change his mind if he is hungry seeing they are feeders!
@redridergirl Don't lay down on the bottom of any rivers, then! ha!
I won't! But since I can't swim I tend to dangle a little lower as I dog paddle! Perfect bait jig as far as that monster could be concerned! I would love to see one of these monsters! I mean how did someone not catch him before now! It's like he is on miracle grow!
Nice monster fish!!!!!!
@JrLopez You're right! This is absolutely HUGE lol