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jenny..neaa oppa loves only me look...kkk
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@reyam no, you're in a disadvantage. If you get old he won't love you nor look at you. He don't like old ladies.
5 years ago·Reply
still i am 11 years younger no one can deny it and its a good thing he doesnt like old ladies since i already younger than u hahaha
5 years ago·Reply
ehh, you are a minor yet. xD but you're in a forgetful state. :D so I'm on the lead.
5 years ago·Reply
@jenny oppa is busy thesedays so when he will be free i will be 18 i mean i am not gonna stay minor forever haha
5 years ago·Reply
ohh so he is busy for 2 years. but he said when he confessed (uhmm that was 2 years ago) to me that he will date me and now were planning to get married after 2 years. xD
5 years ago·Reply