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Fixing Eyebrows with Eyebrow Pencil
1. Using your eyebrow pencil, outline the desired are on the lower part of your eyebrow. Find the best eyebrow shape based on your face shape here: 2. Continue to fill in the arch and the rest of the brow 3. Create a strong look by filling in the thickest part of your eyebrow, which will frame your nose and thin out your face. 4. Fill in your brow with a complimentary eyeshadow (ideally the same brown/black as your pencil) 5. You're done!
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Great tips. Filling in eyebrows really makes a difference! @jackiedavila you should should this out!
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I think my main problem is consistency. I need to find the best eyebrow look for me and work on recreating it well every day rather than having little changes all the time.
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@sophiamore I have the same problem with eyebrow consistency. It really depends on my mood.
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