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Check out this five minute video that uses three simple moves to blast those hard-to-target inner thighs! Try to do this workout three times a week and you'll have your dream legs in no-time :)
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Thanks @redridergirl friend. and vingle to help me meet great ppl like u
❤ loved it so much it's simple yet I can feel the burn instantly finally found what's right for me
@christy How are you doing with all these exercises? I feel like I could spend the day doing nothing but all the great exercises I keep finding on here but I am sticking to our routine! Haven't dropped one pound yet so my Endocrinologist is checking my thyroid again to see if she needs to adjust my Synthtoid too again. Losing weight gets harder with menopause but at least I will shape up more! Good luck and we'll check in soon on our progress! Take care! Oh and thanks too yet again to @nokcha for so many exercises to keep us in great shape! And yeah great for you too @temae29 !!
Hello @redridergirl I am cool i feel better Yeah I only during this month 2 kg but I feel that I have better shape and everyone tell me I got slimmer. so I feel happy and when I feel lazy to do work out. remember what my friends say how I be better. cheers friend and let's have not her new month challenge
@Christy Congratulations girl! 2kg is great! Even better is that you feel better and people are noticing your shape! Way to go! Keep up the excellent work! You continue to motivate me! Another month? Good for me! Yeah! Take care my friend!