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Up for a beauty challenge? Do you know that essential oils has been dominating the beauty world? Take this test to see where your oil knowledge stands. 1. Which oil is most commonly used to treat acne? A.) Coconut B.) Peppermint C.) Tea Tree 2. Which of these is can be used as a carrier oil? A.) Olive B.) Grape seed C.) Coconut 3. Which oil is known as the “miracle” oil for its anti-aging properties? A.) Sesame B.) Argan C.) Grape seed 4. Which oil most resembles sebum, the oily substance we naturally produce to hydrate hair and skin? A.) Jojoba B.) Argan C.) Pomegranate seed 5. Which of these has many common hair and beauty uses for everything from soft, frizz-free hair to makeup remover and more? A.) Grape seed B.) Chamomile C.) Coconut 6. Which of these oils is actually toxic if ingested? A.) Tea tree B.) Coconut C.) Amla ------ Scroll through images for answer!
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You stumped me! Hahaha I just answered coconut oil for everything ;) I learned a lot, thanks @mikayla!
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@sophiamor It's a bit tricky, since coconut oil is a very versatile.
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