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I made a huge mistake. I had hair that was almost the perfect length and then I panicked and got a four inch "trim" over winter break. I am having serious hair cut regret and I am going to do everything in my power to get my hair back ASAP. I researched a few tips and thought I'd share them with you guys here. Here's to happy, healthy long hair! Step 1 - Adjust Your Diet Get the right amount of proteins and fats will get your hair growing faster and healthier in no time. @galinda is a goddess and posted a list of foods that will get your hair growing like mad! Check it out here: Step 2 - Get Smart About Styling Heat hurts hair so try your best to limit the use of flat and curling irons to three times a week. Avoid the hair drier too (I have found that naturally drying your hair and using a t-shirt instead of a bath towel makes a huge difference in the softness of your hair) Step 3 - Try Vitamins and Conditioning Ingredients Fish oil and biotin really help with hair growth (plus it makes your skin and hair totally shiny!) Try using natural oils like coconut or extra virgin olive oil to hydrate your hair. Step 4 - Take It Easy Don't stress!!! Your hair is a reflection of how you feel. If you are healthy, your hair looks great, shiny and is easy to style! So just chill out ;)
I personally wash my hair with warm/cold water which helps alot cause even a hot shower can damage your hair. Another tip is to use the faucet to rinse instead of the shower head that way the water is flowing through your hair and not sprayed at which helps get all the shampoo and conditioner out..... it can be time consuming but it works for me and my hair is longer than expected but that's fine with me!
My main issue with growing my hair long is keeping it healthy. I need to start looking into more deep conditioning.
This is why I'm hesitant to chop my hair, but it's good to know there are remedies out there to grow it out.
can i leave in th olive oil in my hair?
Love the faucet rinse trick!
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