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One of my favorite updo. Perfect for casual and date nights! 1. Begin with your natural hair whether it is wavy, straight, or curly. Then teasing the crown of your hair. 2. Section off the front and sides of your hair. Then lightly take the back section of your hair smoosh it down into a messy bun and wrap a clear elastic band around it. Now take bobby pins and start pinning in the pieces of hair that are hanging down in the back. The messier the better! 3. Take one of the front sections and beginning braiding towards the back of your head. Secure the braid with a bobby pin at the back of your head right above the top of the bun. Then do the other side and secure the ends of the braid underneath your first braid. Bobby pin down any pieces sticking out of the braid. You're done!
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Gorgeous! Especially I'm trying this tomorrow!
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its beautiful
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The braid band is what makes this messy bun look beautiful.
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This would be perfect the perfect bridesmaid hair.
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@mikayla That's a great idea!
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