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seen this website earlier and it seems a little sketchy but idk have any of you purchased from them?
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Lol what are you guys talking about?! I got my complete from them (its a loaded board, so i know what standard it should be and it meets it just fine) and all pads and gloves and bushings. Kinda sketch looking yeah, but they are just as good as every other shop. Packaging maybe not as thorough, but hey. You save a buttload of cash. And they gave me free two day shipping. Respond to emails quickly. I like them. And they have a wide selection of boards, especially with alternate graphics and stuff
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idk I guess if you guys got stuff and its still the same I'll get it from there, I just wasn't sure cause the prices seem pretty low @IsaacPaulR
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The sketch website is more than worth the price drops
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I have love my board.
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boards on nord is amazing,I love that website
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