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If you're like me and have some experience either having cookouts away from home, bonfires, camping trips, backpacking trips or anything where you're bringing your cooking gear with you, you'll know that you don't want to bring a single other piece of equipment. One difficult part, then, is knowing how to measure volume in your kettles or pots! I just came across a great solution, and if I knew it would be this simple I would have done it long ago. This is going to be done to my cook pots and brew equipment ASAP. --------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Tape off what you want to etch! You can do lines with tape, use stencils (not metal ones...) etc. 2 Put together a electrolytic acid etching system using a 9v battery, vinegar and salt, attached to the battery and a Q tip using wire. 3. A ratio of 1/4 cup vinegar to 1/4 tsp salt worked for me, but you can play with the level. Hook up the POSITIVE lead directly to your kettle using wire, and attach the NEGATIVE lead directly to a Q-tip, making sure the wires will be touching the vinegar solution. 4. Dip the Q tip head into the vinegar solution, and then use it it do the etching! Voila!
@treedweller Ha! Whoops indeed, but easy enough mistake to make. He's lucky he didn't ruin his pot, I've seen that happen before.
I had a friend accidentally hook the wires up to the wrong sides, and they didn't understand why it wasn't working. Had to explain them the chemistry AKA that they were trying to /add/ metal, not etch it away. Whoops?